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The Fabric of Good Life


Why We Do What We Do

At PHABRIQ Media, we are inspired by the timeless concept of "Vita Bona," Latin for the "Good Life." Our mission is to question, search, and document the diverse perspectives on what constitutes a good life.

PHABRIQ is a project by SLEEVE STUDIOS Co., Ltd, founded in 2023. In an era where the world is becoming increasingly chaotic with the threats of global warming and rising pandemics, and where the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence propels us forward at a dizzying pace, we feel that the privilege of reflection has been stripped away from our daily habits.

Our journey at PHABRIQ Media is a collective quest to answer one of humanity's most profound questions: What makes life good? We believe that happiness is educated and not obtained randomly. Through insightful documentaries and engaging talks, we explore the intersections of health, personal well-being, and the latest advancements in medicine and nutrition.

PHABRIQ was founded as a way to pause and reflect, to return to the core philosophies of humanity, and to attain a profound sense of happiness through educating ourselves. By celebrating authenticity and diverse perspectives, we aim to ignite conversations and inspire positive change.

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