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The Fabric of Good Life

Our Origin


PHABRIQ takes its name from "The Fabric of the Human Body," a seminal work published in 1543 by Andreas Vesalius. This groundbreaking book, centered on the anatomical structure of the human body, significantly advanced the field of human anatomy. In our modern era, with continuous advancements in medicine and technology, our understanding of the human body has grown immensely.

However, it is precisely in this age of profound knowledge that we choose to pivot our focus towards the "art of living." Our mission is to transcend conventional paradigms and to explore the intricate and diverse "beautiful structures of a wonderfully good life" through the lenses of happiness, health, and beauty.

Just as Andreas Vesalius once questioned, "What is the structure of the human body?" we now endeavor to unravel the question, "What is the structure of a wonderfully good life?"

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