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Intellectual Property

PHABRIQ is committed to advancing research, exploration, and the understanding of how happiness is composed, enriched, and experienced. Recognizing the critical role of intellectual property (IP) in achieving our mission, this policy is designed to establish a comprehensive framework for the protection and strategic use of our IP assets. Our aim is to foster an environment that encourages exploration and meticulous documentation, while ensuring adherence to applicable intellectual property laws and regulations.

This policy applies to all individuals associated with PHABRIQ, including employees, contractors, consultants, and any third parties involved in the creation, development, or use of intellectual property related to the organization's activities. It covers all phases of IP creation, from initial conception through to commercialization, ensuring the protection of our proprietary innovations.

NOTE: All Intellectual Properties of PHABRIQ is owned, managed, registered by Sleeve Studios Limited.

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    Intellectual Property (IP)

    IP encompasses a wide range of intangible assets originating from human creativity and includes inventions, discoveries, designs, processes, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and any other proprietary information that PHABRIQ generates.

    Trade Secrets

    Trade secrets are vital confidential information unique to PHABRIQ. They include, but are not limited to, formulas, methodologies, know-how, and customer data. These secrets are integral to maintaining our competitive advantage in the market.


    Copyrights protect our original works of authorship, encompassing scientific publications, artistic creations, software code, and documentation. Copyright ensures these works cannot be reproduced, distributed, or used without proper authorization from PHABRIQ.


    Trademarks at PHABRIQ consist of distinctive symbols, logos, phrases, or names that clearly distinguish our products and services from those of competitors. Trademarks reinforce the identity and reputation of our brand in the marketplace.


    Patents grant us exclusive rights to our novel inventions or discoveries, prohibiting others from using, manufacturing, or selling these innovations for a specified period. This protection not only secures a market advantage but also rewards and encourages ongoing innovation at PHABRIQ.

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    A trademark includes any word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services of one entity from those of others. Additionally, trademarks may encompass trade dress, which refers to the overall appearance of a product or its packaging. This can include various elements such as size, shape, color, texture, graphics, and the overall aesthetic appeal of a store or website. Such features are crucial as they help to distinguish a brand in the consumer marketplace, enhancing brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

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    At PHABRIQ, we take immense pride in our content, which is a product of the shared values and collective effort of our dedicated team. Our passion and vision drive us to exert significant effort in organizing each event and crafting each piece of content. We recognize that intellectual property laws and copyright standards are essential protections that safeguard our efforts, allowing us to mitigate the risks associated with unfair infringement practices, which could have devastating consequences.

    The content created by PHABRIQ represents a collaborative effort between members of Sleeve Studios and Global Lifespan. Sleeve Studios holds rightful ownership of all intellectual property produced by PHABRIQ media. To ensure clarity and avoid any potential ambiguities regarding ownership, all employees are required to sign IP assignment agreements. These agreements mandate the transfer of rights for their contributions to Sleeve Studios, thereby securing clear ownership and control over these intellectual assets.

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    PHABRIQ recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding our valuable intellectual property (IP) assets, viewing this protection as a foundational element of our success. We adopt a multifaceted approach to protect our IP from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or infringement. Our commitment to securing our intellectual property is steadfast and extends through all stages of its lifecycle, from conception and development to implementation and commercialization. This comprehensive strategy ensures that our innovations and creative outputs are well-protected, supporting the sustained growth and integrity of our organization.

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    All Intellectual Property rights of PHABRIQ are owned, managed, and registered by Sleeve Studios.

    At Sleeve Studios, we recognize the vital importance of protecting trade secrets and confidential information. These assets are crucial to maintaining our competitive edge in the creative industries. We instill a deep sense of responsibility in our employees and stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of preserving the confidentiality of these assets during and beyond their tenure with the company.

    Employee Education and Awareness

    We provide extensive education to all levels of our staff on the significance of trade secrets and the potential repercussions of their disclosure on the company's competitive position and reputation. Through comprehensive training programs, our employees learn to identify and distinguish between general information and proprietary knowledge. This awareness is crucial for maintaining strict confidentiality in handling sensitive data and fostering a culture of trust and discretion.

    Access Control and Security Measures

    Our commitment to protecting trade secrets extends to implementing robust policies and procedures that control access to confidential information. We employ role-based access controls that restrict trade secret dissemination to employees whose job functions require such access, thereby minimizing inadvertent disclosures.

    Additionally, we maintain stringent physical and electronic security measures. Physical documents containing sensitive information are securely stored, and digital data is protected through encryption protocols and secure storage systems to counteract cyber threats and unauthorized access.

    Stakeholder and Partner Engagement

    The responsibility to maintain confidentiality also extends to our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators. We ensure that confidentiality agreements are in place before initiating any collaborative efforts, clearly outlining the obligations of all parties involved to uphold the highest standards of discretion.

    Continuous Improvement and Reporting

    Recognizing that the preservation of trade secrets is an ongoing effort, we promote an open culture where employees are encouraged to voice concerns or report potential breaches. Sleeve Studios provides multiple reporting channels, including anonymous options, to facilitate communication without fear of reprisal. We take these reports seriously and promptly investigate any issues to mitigate risks effectively.

    Leadership and Organizational Commitment

    Our leadership team actively supports and reinforces the importance of confidentiality and trade secret protection. This top-down commitment ensures that Sleeve Studios remains a leader in innovation, securing a sustainable competitive advantage and affirming our position as a trusted leader in the industries we serve.

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    Commitment to Ethical Conduct and Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

    At PHABRIQ and Sleeve Studios, our commitment to ethical conduct and respect for intellectual property rights extends beyond our own assets to include the IP rights of others. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in the use of third-party intellectual property. It is explicitly prohibited for our employees and stakeholders to utilize copyrighted materials, trademarks, patented technologies, or trade secrets belonging to external entities without securing proper authorization or adhering to the applicable licensing agreements. This strict adherence to ethical principles ensures that our business practices are aligned with both legal and industry standards, thereby fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability within our organization.

    Training and Compliance

    To reinforce this commitment, Sleeve Studios conducts comprehensive training and provides guidance to our employees and stakeholders. These educational initiatives are designed to ensure that all involved parties understand the importance of respecting third-party IP and the serious consequences associated with infringement. By fostering awareness and compliance with IP laws and regulations, we empower our teams to make informed decisions, thereby reducing the risk of inadvertent infringements and protecting Sleeve Studios from potential legal disputes.

    Monitoring and Enforcement

    Sleeve Studios maintains a rigorous system for monitoring and identifying potential intellectual property infringements. We encourage employees to remain vigilant and to promptly report any instances where they suspect that third-party IP rights may be compromised. Such reports are taken very seriously, with our internal authorities quickly investigating any claims of infringement. Should an infringement be confirmed, we take immediate action to remedy the situation and ensure that all legal obligations are met. Our proactive approach not only demonstrates our dedication to ethical business practices but also reinforces our reputation as a responsible and reputable partner in the industry.

  • PHABRIQ and Sleeve Studios acknowledge the dynamic nature of intellectual property management and are committed to the regular review and timely update of our Intellectual Property Policy. This proactive approach ensures that our policy remains aligned with emerging trends, industry standards, and regulatory changes. Maintaining this ongoing relevance is crucial to upholding both PHABRIQ and Sleeve Studios' dedication to innovation and responsible IP stewardship.

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